Living With Legends

by Stephen Clark


The Clark brothers have been in show business for seventy years. Born and brought up during the depression in the southern states of America, they first went on the road when they were four years old and are still working today.
As dancers they witnessed the birth of Las Vegas, played the Cotton Club in Harlem and went to Havana before Castro came down from the hills. They were friends with Josephine Baker, Sugar Ray Robinson and Frank Sinatra. They shared bills with Gypsy Rose Lee, Elvis, the Beatles and virtually every star in between. Sammy Davis Junior was their cousin and they taught the British pop groups of the Swinging Sixties how to dance.
In this book Steve gives an unrivalled insight into what it was like to be born into a time when boxing, singing or dancing were the only legitimate ways in which a black boy could hope to escape poverty. He paints a vivid picture of the days when the American theatres and clubs were run exclusively by gangsters and when segregation was still commonplace.


It is regret that we announce the passing of
Jimmy Clark
July 23rd 1922 - October 30th 2009
Condolences to Brother Steve
Family and many friends.


Steve & Jimmy Clark
Steve & Jimmy Clark

The Clark Brothers at The Apollo Theatre in New York City

The Story of the World Famous Clark Brothers

Living with Legends

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