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I used to be an approved lectrician and was a chargehand. !!


Timo on Southend Video Shoot!
"Do not (AND I REPEAT: DO BLOODY NOT) call me at 8pm this evening asking me to be in
Southend by six o'clock tomorrow morning wearing Lederhosen"


"I'll say it again, take care on here Timo, take care"


"Conkers - I need about 40-50 of them"
Picture taken with a Panasonic Lumix TZ7 !!!


"Just to let you know I had such a fab day being a paid part of this flash mob at Trafalgar Square..." Reiki Zoo x


"I shall be informing Mr Johnson of my thoughts and suggestions to improve this scheme"


"Just to let you know I was in Friday's episode of Reggie Perrin"



"We are setting up a comic scene and we need a body double for Simon Cowel
to have a back/sac and crac wax"



I would 'cut your losses', and hope another 'short hair' job comes up!




"But be warned Peacocks, us old school, long time, tried and true SA's do notice it.
And we do NOT approve of such behavior."




I thought I'd made that abundantly clear - there is 'Service' and 'Performance'!!



"I try to deal with that situation politley but what I really want to say is
"can you go back to where you were put because your f*****g up the shot you idiot"


"Sorry I'm a bit cranky. Day 1. of Give up smoking."




Salad Days.....!


Positive & Negative


"As an extra and a normal, sane human being........."


.......what was the number of that bus...o0o0ps ?!


The Ten Commandments according to Seale....!





A tale that I would like to share with you all, it came to pass that an old veteran Noddie had booked an appointment for The Casting Collective annual registration, he’s allocated appointment was scheduled for 9am, on the first day of registration, as is his want he duly arrived at Latimer Road at 6.15am.....1st rule never be late!

Parking the car outside the CC office legally, avoiding any large parking fines, he settled down to wait the two & three quarter hours until the allocated time.

Looking for something to keep him occupied for the long wait he reached into the glove compartment and found a deck of cards.

He flicked through the cards and here are his thoughts........

When I see the Ace or No 1 it reminds me that there is only one 1st AD on a job and that he must be obeyed and respected, if you want to carry on working that is.

The 2 reminds me that the two most popular questions from some Noddies lips is "What time's lunch and what time's wrap"....also the 2 reminds me of the only two jobs that I have done for CC in the last two years one in 2007 & the other in 2009.....Result!

The 3 reminds me of the 3rd AD on set....mere children and so much power...who do a great job.....bless ‘em!

The 4 reminds me that is it only four times I’ve worked with Cyril Davey this year.....it just seems longer!

The 5 reminds me of the time I left home this morning....must be bloody mad!

The 6 reminds me of my agents who all do their best, for a fee, to secure engagements for this poor man to keep him and his family from starvation.

The 7 reminds me the only number of jobs from one of the above in the last eighteen months....you know who you are!

The 8 reminds me of Rule 8 of the Casting Collective Guide "If during the year, your appearance changes, please let us know".....I’ve lost three stone in weight as I can’t afford to eat!

The 9 reminds me that my 9am appointment is now due ....open the doors, must get to the bathroom.

The 10 reminds me that over this number of years I have been in this wonderful job, good jobs, good company and a lot of fun, also proofs to me "that money isn’t everything!"

The Jack reminds me of the phrase "I’m all right Jack" don’t go down too well in Noddie company.

The Queen reminds me of some of the "Angels" of the costume departments....love ‘em!

The King reminds of another K as in Knight.............this plug could get me job number 8!

When I count the number of spots in a deck of cards, I find 365, the number of days in a year.....usually out of work on most of ‘em.

I know this tale to be true....as I was that Noddie .... 19th October 2009

Note: Cyril Davey happens to be a very good friend of mine.
                                                                                                 Copyright Ray Donn 2009 

Deck of Cards....An Old Noddies Tale....


"I think I'm one of the `council estate chavs' as I do live on a council estate......"





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